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The Poetry Salon

Poetry Biz Accountability Group

First Sunday of Every Month

2:00-4:00 pm, PST - Free of Charge

Do you want to do more with your poetic gifts? Teach workshops? Apply to grad school? Conquer social media with your words? Join us for moral support and practical resources to bring your poetic gifts into the world. We will set intentions, offer useful tips and tools, then work together on achieving our goals.

The Poetry Salon

Submission Support Group

Second Sunday of Every Month

2:00-4:00 pm, PST, Free of Charge

How can you get more of your writing published, find more readers and have fun doing it? In this support group you'll learn strategies for submitting your writing, and building your own community of fans.

The Poetry Salon

Featured Reading and Open Mic

Third Sunday of Every Month

2:00-3:30 pm, PST, Free of Charge

Past Featured poets include Ellen Bass,

Edward Vidaurre, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Kim Addonizio,

Lynn Thompson, Brendan Constantine, Cameron Morse,

Brian Sonia-Wallace, Kai Coggin, Michelle Bitting,

Sonia Greenfield, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Terrie Silverman, Diannely Antigua, Meghan Sterling, Tanaya Winder,

Kelli Russel Agodon and Kelly Cressio-Moeller

The Poetry Salon

Guest Facilitator Workshop

Fourth Sunday of Every Month

2:00-5:00 pm, PST, $25

Come take a workshop with our featured poet of the month. Past workshop topics have included "How to Write Sex", "Writing to Heal", "Nocturne Poetry", "Writing the Silence", "Voice Your City", "Speculative Poetry", "Breaking for Line Breaks" and "Do Your Poems Hold Hands?"

The Poetry Salon

Pot Pourri

Fifth Sundays

2:00-5:00 pm, PST, Free

Whatever gets the creative juices flowing. Hosted by founder

Tresha Faye Haefner.